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League of Legends: Naphteria
Steam: jnariane

- (Custom lore, made by me) -

Naphteria - Freljord's Marrow


Naphteria was soon to be Frostguard's leader when she disappeared.

Orphan, she was found by a member of the tribe near a broken bridge. That member wasn't just someone. Claiming the child as her apprentice, her name was Lissandra.

She easily noticed how that little iceborn was powerfull to move worlds for her wishes. Naphteria was able to control the elements with her mind, communicate with ice creatures like Cryophoenixes and make anything out of ice. Lissandra was soon tempted to train her and later take her body and soul, assuming her identity, so she could use such power to awaken the Watchers  moreover deciding Freljord's fate in dark lines.

However, Naphteria was too close to Lissandra not to know her ice-cold blood was full of dishonesty and her mind focused on dominating other tribes, plagued by the idea that humanity was too weak to even represent Freljord's strength. As the witch once did, betraying carelessly her sister Avarosa, seeking immortality and power, Naph betrayed Lissandra's dull will against peace and humanity. She only kept a necklace Lissandra gave her when she mastered her power, with a pointy black stone, resembling the hate Naphteria kept as thoughts of murder and disgust towards her malevolent trainer.

The young Iceborn led to the Western lands of the Freljord. Through its endless winter, she didn't let her soul succumb to pain or starvation. She kept fighting death until she finally met Winter's Claw's Princess, her inspiration, Sejuani.

Naphteria entered Sejuani's lands in peace, unarmored though had her will strong. She wanted to fight back Lissandra's principles, proving that humanity could rule over heartless wizardry. She presented and offered Winter's Claw her army of ice pets, majorly formed by a streak of Ice Tigers and Cryophoenixes, led by Anivia, to fight for Sejuani's causes.

"She soon captivated me. Her will is young, yet deadly and unchangable. Like Winter's Claw's guts for war, she has a virile seeking of revenge against Lissandra's wishes, showing she's ready to embrace Freljord's greatness into the soul of those who fight ceaselessly for its true nature. She is an ice born, trained Watcher, but her inner self was born human, forged by winter'' - Sejuani

"Naphteria was born a Watcher. If she's ever able to be the heart of Freljord, she'll yearn for the ice that runs through its veins." - Lissandra


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League of Legends IGN: Naphteria
Steam ID: jnariane

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